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After registering online on this page, make your payment through PayPal.

According to the data on the registration form, choose the option which best describes you and make the corresponding payment:

• "Adult" – whole event

• "Opening Gala only" – 23rd, at 7pm., at the CIP

• "Friday Day only" – 24th, from 9am to 5pm, at the Unibes Cultural

• "Community Employee" - (who works at a community or institution affiliated to or partner of the WUPJ) – whole event

Within 48 hours after payment, you will receive an email confirming your registration and payment.

Attention: it is not enough to only make the payment; you must fill out the registration form on
this page.

Do not forget to make your hotel reservation by clicking on our
lodging page, where we have the list of hotels with special rates for the event.

  affiliated unaffiliated
Values (Dollar = R$4) Real Dollar Payment
Real Dollar

Adult 630,00 157,50
700,00 175,00
Gala only
120,00 30,00
130,00 32,50
Friday only 370,00 92,50
410,00 102,50
485,00 121,25
 -   -