Issue # 52 - September 2011 / Elul 5771 / Tishrę 5772

 Integration is not Assimilation - Message from the WUPJ-Latin America for Iamim Noraim 5772

"I am the Eternal; I have called you in righteousness;
I will take you by the hand and keep you;
I will give you as a covenant for the people,
a light for the nations"
(Ieshaiahu / Isaías 42:6)

We very much like to say that we, Jews, are a light among nations. However,
reading the text which was registered thousands of years ago by the prophet
Isaiah makes it clear that we “are” not but that we “have” the potential to be so.

Achieving this potential depends much more than simply respecting the differences.
Illuminating humanity demands valuing it. It requires internalizing into our hearts
and minds – and accepting fully – that there exists more than one way to walk
together with God.

Only in this way will we be a pact among the peoples.

The great majority of Jews live today in democratic countries, under the empire
of individual responsibilities and of the right to choose. The societies that
welcome us as full citizens and to which we contribute are open. There are no
obstacles, either for being a Jew or for no longer being one.

Many are afraid of the assimilation that a permeable environment permits.
Some propose segregation in modern self-imposed ghettos as a remedy
to contain this threat.

We do not propose isolation

We distinguish integration from assimilation and naturally experience Judaism
without losing our integration into the modern world. The strictness in ritual
observance is not the only way to be Jewish and to fully experience Judaism.

And more than that: we know that integration is the best answer to the
spectrum of anti-Semitism that has incredibly risen again. We learned the
lesson of Purim and we know that Mordechai and Esther were only capable
of saving the Jews in the court of King Achashverosh because they were
integrated without having assimilated.

And it is based on this train of thought that we act, establish our programs,
build bridges among the reform and liberal communities in Latin America.

If you agree with our vision of the world and with our Jewish mission, join us.
Participate in our programs. Visit the website
to get to know a little more about what we do.


Fully experience the activities of your community
Make 5772 a special year!

Le Shaná Tová Tikatevu
Are the wishes of the WUPJ - Latin America


Here are some of the projects of the WUPJ - Latin America

Reach Program
Takes the Jewish experience
to small communities.

Netzer Olami
Youth movement that conducts activities
with children and teenagers, transmitting Progressive Judaism to the new generations.

Lashir Benefesh
of theoretical and practical study for
Chazanim and Shlichei Tzibur.

Rabbinical Kallah
Meeting of the rabbis of the region with the objective of consolidating and preserving pluralist Jewish values.

Beutel Seminar
Educational program for community
leaders, conducted in Jerusalem.

Bergman Seminar
Meeting of educators from Jewish
entities, conducted in Jerusalem.

Conference of the Jewish
Communities in Latin America

The next conference will be in Buenos
Aires, August 8th to the 13th, 2012.

Torah around the world
Participating in the WUPJ project that
presents the vision and interpretation of Progressive Judaism's religious leaders
in the weekly portions of the Torah.

Devarim Magazine
Publication of the ARI-Rio de Janeiro
dedicated to modern Jewish thinking.

World Union for Progressive Judaism - Latin America