Edition # 108 - November 2016 - Cheshvan / 5777.
 Sucot and Simchat Torah
Soon after the High Holidays, affiliated congregations to WUPJ experienced days of joy with the continued traditions of two other celebrations that are among the most important in the Jewish calendar.

Special activities were held on Sukkot, such as lectures and dinner parties. On Simchat Torah, the dances and songs around the Torah made the synagogue environment even more joyful, celebrating the fact that there is no limit to the study and deepening the Jewish experience.

Adat Israel Guatemala Centro America

Comunidade Israelita de Concepción

Judaica em Bergamo


Congregação Israelita Paulista

In the Congregação Israelita Paulista (CIP), a happy hour was held in the Sukkah, with cheese and wine tasting, organized by the Shirat Miriam group, affiliated to the Women Reform Judaism (WRJ). The meeting was attended by experts Fernando Lottenberg, István Wessel and Michel Freller. Young people joined the chat in the Sukkah with cartoonist Laertes, who spoke about the limits of humor and the issue of transgenderism.

Aic Associação Israelita Catarinense

Congregação Israelita Mineira

Jewish Community of Huanuco Beith Etz Chaim


Sociedade Israelita do Ceará

 Connections 2017

Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate the first bat mitzvah for adult women from Latin America, at the Kotel in Jerusalem, organized by WUPJ-WRJ through the Shirat Miriam group, coordinated by Rabbi Ruben Sternschein, from CIP.

The ceremony will be held during the 38th International Convention of the WUPJ, Connections 2017, on May 17-20. The last meeting was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Remember the emotion experienced in Connections 2015:

For more information about Connections 2017, visit wupjconnections.org

 Kotel for everyone - Join the campaign!

"It's time to show Israel and Jews around the world that all Jews have a place in the Jewish state, that all Judaism forms are welcome and the ultra-Orthodox rabbinate does not have a monopoly on what it means to be a Jew." The statement is from Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ).

The WUPJ joined other institutions for a popular international campaign to show Israeli leaders the importance of approving the creation of an egalitarian prayer space at the Kotel.

To support the campaign, visit the link

 Registration for the Jewish reform leadership seminar

The "Anita Saltz International Education Center" from WUPJ will hold another edition of the Beutel Leadership Seminar on February 16-26. Designed to promote the Jewish reform leadership, the meeting has had the participation of important representatives from Latin American congregations in recent years.

Reform leaders and activists from the institutions linked with WUPJ are invited to participate.

For details and registration, visit the site.

 Recognition to the Jewish community in Brasilia
The president of the Associação Cultural Israelita de Brasília (ACIB), Hermano Wrobel, was recognized with the First RELIGARI Award, which is granted to those who work against religious hatred and intolerance.

Representatives from different religions also received the award at the Brasilia headquarter of the Bar Association of Brazil.

The ceremony also made October 25th the "Religious Intolerance Combat Day in the Federal District".

"We live in a country that has a wonderful characteristic, which is its cultural, ethnical and religious diversity. This diversity has made it a country with one of the richest cultures in the world. We cannot accept that, instead of promoting and appreciating this diversity, in everyday life, some people still insist on nurturing prejudice and intolerance," said the Federal District governor, Rodrigo Rollemberg.
 Chairman of the Jewish Agency visits Brazil

Natan Sharansky, chairman of the Jewish Agency, is the special guest of the National Convention of the Jewish Confederation of Brazil (CONIB), which will gather representatives of federal bodies from fourteen Brazilian states in November.

The Jewish Agency is focused on supporting the Jewish people around the world.

Human rights activist in former Soviet Union, Sharansky was trapped alone for four years in Siberia.

He was the first political prisoner freed by Mikhail Gorbachev, president of the Soviet Union in 1986, and then immigrated to Israel immediately.

Brian Hendler/Jewish Agency for Israel
 Debate among rabbis - opportunity to learn!
Watch this debate held on September 24th with the most influential reform rabbis in Latin America, Roberto Graetz, Sergio Bergman and Reubén Nisenbom, who discussed about the theme:

"How am I acting as a reform rabbi? An existential look from a personal experience."

 Diaspora-Israel Day
"The Jews, I believe, are the world champions at longing..."
Amos Kenan

Diaspora-Israel Day is a new Holiday celebrating, on the 7th of ma-Cheshvan, the bonds between Jewish communities around the world and the connections between Israel and the Diaspora.

Join us in celebrating diaspora-israel day!

Download the Festive Tractate for Diaspora-Israel Day, a beautiful collection of texts, songs and ideas for activities that will take you through the Day's celebrations.

Log onto our new website to get more information about the Holiday.

 Global Day of Jewish Learning
An invitation to join communities around the world through learning

The Global Day of Jewish Learning is an initiative to unite Jews around the world through the study of shared texts. This activity will take place under the auspices of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz.

Explore the world and nature with the study of this year's theme - "Under the Same Sky, the Earth is Full of Your Creation"

The learning content is easy to study, including guides and text sources. It discusses questions like:

Is the world created for our sake?
Is healing something "natural"?
How can the rain be a blessing and a curse?

To learn more, visit theGobalDay.org/espanol

Follow the classes online Nov 20th – 7pm (Brazil time): http://www.theglobalday.org/kwasniewski-lam-onair/