Issue # 107 - October 2016 - Tishrei/ 5777.
 May we be written in the Book of Life!
See the special moments at the Rosh Hashanah celebrations in the Latin America communities affiliated to the WUPJ:

Tashlij Comunidade Adat Israel-Guatemala


Congregação Israelita Mineira

Comunidad Judía de Huánuco " Beith Etz Chaim"

Bet jadash Guayaquil- Equador


NCI Emanuel - Fundación Judaica

Aic - Associação Israelita Catarinense

Shanah Tovah in songs and images

The WUPJ International and the 92Y community center in New York published emotional videos wishing Shanah Tovah with the participation of various reform congregations throughout the world, including some from Latin America.

They are worth watching:

 Argentina conducts a debate for reflection during the month of Elul

Reform rabbis who are amongst the most influential in Latin America, Roberto Graetz, Sergio Bergman and Reuben Nisenbom, participated in a joint activity of the sister communities Mishkán, Templo Libertad and NCI Emanu El (the last two connected to the Fundación Judaica) in Buenos Aires on September 24th, to commemorate Selichot before Rosh Hashanah.

The three religious leaders discussed the topic "How am I a reform rabbi? An existential look from a personal perspective".

Among the many participants attending were community leaders, members of liturgical teams and shlichei tzibur, in an inspiring night for all who were present.

 Preparations for the High Holy Days at the B'nei Israel Congregation in Costa Rica
B'nei Israel is a congregation affiliated to the WUPJ since its foundation almost 30 years ago. It is the only liberal community in Costa Rica.

We have trilingual religious services (Hebrew-English-Spanish) and songs during Shabat and the High Holy days, a Jewish school for children, a Beit Midrash for adults, a group of 25 people in the "Adopting Judaism" course, as well as cultural and social activities among other things.

It gives us great pleasure to greet all of our brothers and sisters of the WUPJ from our continent and all over the world for the new Rosh Hashanah.

We wish you all a year filled with creative achievements, love and Shalom.

Shanah Tovah Umetukah! Pure Life!

 For an egalitarian area at the Kotel
On the eve of the High Holy Days, the WUPJ International got together with the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) and the Association for Reform Zionists of America (ARZA) to conduct an international campaign in order to show the leaders in Israel the importance of an approval by the Supreme Court of Israel for the creation of an egalitarian prayer area at the Kotel.

On September 21, a webinar was held on the topic and on how people who are interested can help. "This is our opportunity to use our voices to change history", urged the organizers. To send a message, just enter the website

 WUPJ supports participation in the X World Peace Forum
The WUPJ-LA, CONIB (Confederação Israelita do Brasil) and the CIM (Congregação Israelita Mineira) supported the participation of the Jewish community and representatives from the Associação Israelita Catarinense (AIC) at the X World Peace Forum, held in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, on September 22 to 25, with the presence of delegations from over 60 countries, different ethnicities, 22 religious designations, authority figures, leaders and opinion makers, with ample coverage by the press. There were over 1800 participants.

The World Peace Forum, responsible for the event, is a non-profit international organization founded in 2005, whose objective is the creation of leaders whose focus is to promote peace at a local and inter-institutional level, among groups, countries and religions.

Rabbi Uri Lam, from the CIM, and representatives of the AIC participated in various activities, learned about success stories and made contacts for eventual future partnerships.

 In memory of Shimon Peres Z'L
The WUPJ was saddened with the news of the death of Shimon Peres on September 28. In 2009, the institution had the privilege of honoring the ex-prime minister and ex-president of Israel with the International Humanitarian Award, at the closing ceremony of the CONNECTIONS in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Richard Hirsch, honorary president of the WUPJ reflected: "Shimon Peres was the first statesman of the State of Israel, and the vibrant symbol of the highest values of the Jewish people. He remained optimistic according to the Jewish tradition, and not only searched for peace, but was chased by it".

 News about the Brazilian communities


The president of the WUPJ-LA, Raul Gottlieb, participated in a special Kabalat Shabbat on September 16 at the Congregação Israelita Capixaba (Cicapi), in Vitória, Espírito Santo.

Besides becoming acquainted with the work the community has developed in the capital city of Vitória, Gottlieb also presented the institution, spoke about the actions that can be conducted in partnership with the WUPJ and gave a lecture on the fundamentals of Judaism.

Founded officially on January 27, 2016, the Cicapi has as its main objective to congregate Jewish families who live in the state of Espirito Santo and represent the Jewish community in the state.


On September 15, 16 and 17, Karin C. Zingerevitz, executive director of the WUPJ-LA, visited the Centro Israelita de Pernambuco (CIP). "The Centro has a vibrant community, committed and very participative, as well as extremely welcoming", she stated.

Karin met with community leaders, directors of the Moisés Chwarts Jewish School, madrichim from the Habonim Dror youth movement and with the Zeut group of young adults.

At the Kabalat Shabbat, which was led by members of the community, Karin talked a bit more about the position of the WUPJ and about Reform Judaism in contemporary society.

The Associação Israelita Catarinense (AIC) held a special Kabalat Shabbat, with the participation of athletes from the Israeli delegation who participated in the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The religious service was conducted by Luis Sergio Prist and Rosita Schmid.

 Launch of the Devarim 30
On September 8, the ARI launched issue number 30 of the Devarim magazine, dedicated to Jewish topics that interest Brazilians of all cultural backgrounds. Some of the topics discussed in this issue are:

- How the rescue of the Israelis who had been kidnaped in Entebbe was reported by the international press 40 years ago, by journalist Alberto Leo Jerusalmi z'l.

- The Judaism of Kafka through the vision of Edelyn Schweidosn.

- A report of an interview with the last survivor of the Janus Korczak orphanage in Warsaw, written by Miriam Treistman.

This issue is once again worth reading with material that cannot be found anywhere else!

The magazine is published every quarter and is distributed free of charge to all those who register on the website