Issue # 103 – June 2016 / Iyar-Sivan / 5776.
 "The continuity of democracy as a Jewish value"

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Confirm your attendance at the largest event of the year: 5th Conference of the Jewish Communities in Latin America.

Over 15 lecturers will speak about democracy, access, Judaism and much more.

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 Sing out loud with your community!
Sing, enchant and inspire, music with religious expression at the WUPJ communities.

The WUPJ-LA promotes the Lashir Benefesh from June 21st to the 23rd.

A seminar for theoretical and practical studies to train and bring together chazzanim, cantors,
Shlihei Tzibur (prayer leaders), professionals, volunteers and those interested in Jewish music.

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 Gender and Diversity – International Day Against Homophobia

"Gender and Diversity", presented by representatives of the association JAG – Jews Argentineans Gays is one of the topics of the "Dynamic Presentations" of the 5th Conference of the Jewish Communities in Latin America.

Rabbi Michel Schlesinger, of CIP, in São Paulo, will approach the topic "The issue of gender in Judaism – the evolution of the patriarchal society for the inclusive society"

The debate on relationships among people of the same gender gains strength within the institutions of WUPJ.

In Buenos Aires, Fundación Judaica, together with CIRA and NCI-EMANU EL, held a special debate on May 17th in celebration of the International Day of Fight Against Discrimination by Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, with the topic "The path to egalitarian Jewish marriage".

On the same date, Gustavo Michanie, president of JAG association, participated in a discussion panel through an invitation by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Buenos Aires.

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 Bergman Seminar for Jewish Educators in Israel

Educators in Jewish schools and affiliated congregations can already register for another edition of "The Bergman Seminar for Progressive Jewish Educators", which will be held in Israel on July 14th to the 24th. The seminar combines classes, text readings and visits to various sites where the content of the studies is brought to life.

The complete program of the seminar and the registration form are available on the website

 2nd Meeting of Volunteers of Fundación Judaica

Close to 300 people participated in the 2nd Meeting of Volunteers of Fundácion Judaica on May 11 in Buenos Aires. The organizers of the event invited all of the participants to celebrate the commitment to the construction of an innovative community

Jerusalem as seen by a Brazilian

Rodrigo Baumworcel, who was a teacher at the ARI and recently did Aliyah, writes an account of life in Jerusalem. Don't miss it:

"After three months living at Jerusalem, I can only say that this city challenges us everyday, and if we don`t accept it`s challenges we are doomed to be bored by an old "sepia" city. Everyone sees with his own eyes the colors that arise from the streets, the buildings and its monuments. Either from the bright side of the coexistence that I feel even on the bus, or from the dark side of the exclusion that is hidden in the small alleys. It's important to admit that between these sides exists a whole spectrum of eight hundred thousand people that live here."